Breeder of Black Arabian Sport Horses & Shagya-Arabians

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About Kerrigan Bloodstock
                           1970 saw the beginning of Kerrigan Bloodstock with the purchase of five acres
                                         in the area known as Freshwater near Eureka, CA. 
                        Though I, Elaine Kerrigan, had been involved with horses for several years,
                                       this is when I acquired my first Arabian broodmare.

  I bred and raised Arabians with the emphasis on versatile, sport horse 
 disciplines and eventually obtained
Bimilah, a black Arabian mare, that began
 my black line of sport horse Arabians.  From this mare, and by Malabar King/  
 Prince Ebony, the stallion, Amir Fahim+ was born.  This 15.2 hand black
 stallion was a superb endurance horse, among his many versatile talents, and 
 produced many award winning sport horses.



 Ultimately, the “golden cross” was begun when I purchased the *Adhem    
 daughter, Amyrah Adhemah.  Amir Fahim+ and Amyrah Adhemah produced
 exceptional Arabians for the sport horse world and this is when I started
 advertising “Arabian Sport Horses” years before it became popular.

 Amir Fahim+                                                                                                                                                                                                 
In 1995, Amir Fahim+ passed away, but Amyrah Adhemah was carrying their last foal.  This colt was born into my arms on 4-11-96.  Four months later, Amyrah Adhemah passed away leaving me with the best colt I had ever produced.  It was fitting that this colt be named “Omega” since he was the last of this “golden cross”.
                                                                                                           Amyrah Adhemah


KB Omega Fahim++++//
  is continuing the legacy that began nearly 40 years ago.  In the pursuit of improving the Arabian bred sport horse, I became acquainted with the Shagya-Arabian.  In 2003, KB Omega Fahim+++//, was approved, by the North American Shagya-Arabian Society, for purebred Shagya-Arabian breeding.  In 2004,  I purchased my first purebred Shagya-Arabian and now have four top quality Shagya-Arabian mares.  The foals from these mares and “Meg” are exceeding my expectations as fabulous sport horses.

                                                         “Meg” winning his first championship as a yearling